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Sewer Repair



Mask is Los Angeles’ number one sewer cleaning and replacement service provider. We provide a number of services, but our pipe repair and replacement services are Pipe Lining and Pipe Bursting are two of the most popular services that we provide every day to our large number of happy customers. We will create a customized cleaning or replacement solution for your home or office sewer that fits your budget, and helps to insure years of worry-free usage.

We know that the your sewers are working best when you don’t have to worry about them. Our replacement services can quickly and easily replace bad pipes with almost no damage to your lawn, and our cleaning services can keep good pipes from needing to be replaced.


Pipe Lining


Pipe lining is the less invasive option for a piping repair. When we line your pipes, we will flow an epoxy-resin liner through your pipes that will coat the inside of older, possibly damaged and leaky pipes. We then pull a new length of pipe liner through the old pipe to bond to the epoxy, effectively creating a “pipe inside a pipe” with the new liner sandwiching the epoxy within the wall of the older pipe.This epoxy is safe for the environment, and provides a cheap, yet highly effective alternative to completely replacing your old pipes.

The old pipes go through a three stage process to insure optimum coverage. First, the old pipe is evaluated for major structural problems and to make sure pipe lining is a viable method of fixing your problem. Next, we will use a water jet under high pressure to blast out and foreign material like dirt, grease, and other waste material. This creates a clean, smooth interior surface of the pipe, which is what the pipe lining will eventually bond to. Finally, we will pull the new pipe lining in place and allow it to set before reactivating your pipe.




Pipe bursting is a slightly more invasive process that still involves very little disturbance and completely avoids the damage to your lawn that is caused by open trench excavation. When we burst a pipe, instead of digging a trench the entire length of the pipe through your lawn, we simply dig two access holes, one at each end of the damaged or outdated length of pipe. We then burst the pipe from the inside out so that a new pipe can be pulled through the same space. A constant-tension winch guides the pipe bursting tool through the host pipe. The old pipe is burst underground and a new continuous pipe is pulled through.

If needed, the new pipe can actually be of a slightly higher diameter than the old pipe. This means that we can actually use this method to upgrade the flow rating of your pipe to accommodate more fluid, and increase efficiency. We think this method is vastly preferable to the old “trench digging” method that destroys lawns, and takes far too long (especially when your toilets are offline). With this advanced pipe bursting method, we can avoid damage to the lawn, and save time on your replacement project.


Let us Repair or Replace your Pipes


It’s hard enough to get grass to grow well in Los Angeles. Don’t make it harder on yourself by letting another plumber dig it all up. Call us today at 877.999.3182 and join our large number of satisfied customers by having your faulty or damaged pipes repaired or replaced. Every drop of water that leaks, every bit of waste that flows out is either money wasted, or additional damage done to the environment. Save yourself a big headache in the future and call Nautilus Plumbing today.

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