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Ceiling Fans

What Are Ceiling Fans?

A ceiling fan circulates air around a room and there are many decorative and functional options, including a ceiling fan with lights and outdoor ceiling fans.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

In the summer, they can raise the comfortable temperature inside your home by circulating air and making it feel cooler than it is. They help reduce energy costs so you don’t need air conditioning on as often or can set it to a warmer temperature than you would need without the ceiling fan.

In the winter, they can recirculate the warm air which rises up towards the ceiling back down through the room. By circulating warmer air, you may not need to turn your heating system on as often.

In order to get the best use of your ceiling fans you should locate them in key locations around your home, particularly rooms where you and your family spend the most time.


Varieties of Ceiling Fans

  1. Flush mount fans – are fitted flush against the ceiling without the need for a down rod. This enables the fan to be fitted at a higher level. Optimum height for ceiling fan blades is between 7 and 9 feet, so if your ceiling is low, a flush mount fan would be your best option.
  2. Outdoor ceiling fans – ceiling fans can be installed in porches to improve circulation of air and can make the outdoor space feel much cooler.
  3. Traditional/contemporary fans – fans are available in a variety of styles, materials and colors.
  4. Remote control fans – traditional designs required you to turn on the fan using a control attached to it. Now, you can control the fans speed and direction remotely using both hand held and wall mounted controls. It’s particularly useful if you have high ceilings and reaching the fan is difficult.
  5. Ceiling fan with lights – many ceiling fan designs combine the fan with a central light.

Our Services

If you are considering a ceiling fan replacement or a new ceiling fan installation we can fit it for you. When installing some designs the ceiling fan wiring may need to be changed.

Working with electric wiring should only be carried out by qualified and experienced electricians. Electricity has the potential to kill and poor workmanship can cause electrocution or fire.

Our qualified electricians can deal with any rewiring work that may be needed. We can also carry out a ceiling fan repair if your current fan is no longer working.

For a FREE Estimate Please Contact Us (818) 627-5332 To Schedule Your Service. We're Available Around The Clock To Handle Your Emergencies.