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Circuit Brakers

What Is a Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers are safety devices which automatically stop the flow of current in an electric circuit. They are intended to prevent damage to an electrical circuit by overload or a short circuit.

There are a number of different types:

  1. Standard – as described above.
  2. Arc fault – works in the same way as the standard circuit breaker but also provides protection against fires. It can detect a dangerous electrical arc and will break the circuit when this occurs.
  3. GFCI – ground fault circuit interrupters will detect problems due to electricity being grounded, and are required to be used in places which may be exposed to water such as bathrooms and kitchens. Some older buildings may not have a GFCI installed in the rooms they are needed which could pose a safety risk.

What Problems May Occur?

Circuit breakers are intended to protect the homeowner and just because it may trip frequently, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the breaker. When this happens, it usually means there is a problem with the circuit being overloaded, shorting, or there is a ground fault.

If you do experience any problems with the circuit breaker itself, this is likely to be due to loose connections which can cause a fire.

We would recommend you always use a qualified electrician to install your breakers as it can prevent the inconvenience of frequent overloading, and you will have the reassurance that it has been installed correctly to current safety standards.

If you are concerned yours hasn’t been installed correctly a circuit breaker repair can be carried out. If it is beyond repair, we can carry out a circuit breaker replacement also.

The Circuit Breaker Panel

The circuit breaker panel is the central distribution panel for all electrical circuits in your home. The size of panel needed for your home will depend on the number of appliances you have. An electrician will be able to advise you of the number of amps you will need in your home. Be aware that the panels in older homes may be insufficient to manage a high number of appliances.

Our Service to You

If you have concerns about your circuit breakers and whether they are safe and sufficient for your home, we can visit you to carry out a check. We can repair or replace any breakers that need it. We use a variety of high quality products including Siemens circuit breakers and square d circuit breakers.

For a FREE Estimate Please Contact Us (818) 627-5332 To Schedule Your Service. We're Available Around The Clock To Handle Your Emergencies.