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Exhaust Fans

Managing Moisture in Your Home

There is moisture in all air, however moisture inside your home can cause problems with condensation which leads to mold.

This is a problem throughout the house as we all expel moisture just by breathing. Without ventilation and heating in bedrooms for example, condensation can build up overnight.

However, the main rooms where moisture is formed are the bathroom, from showering and bathing, and the kitchen, through cooking. An exhaust fan is a necessity for these rooms.

They can also improve air flow in the room, which may be beneficial in the laundry or garage.

What Does an Exhaust Fan Do?

Exhaust fans are electrically powered and the rotation of the fan blades draw hot, humid air out of the room and into the environment. They should be installed high on the walls of the room to get the biggest benefit as warm air rises.

If the fan is controlled by a thermostat it will automatically turn on once a predetermined temperature is reached in a room.

If it stops working an exhaust fan repair can be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Exhaust Fan for Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a great deal of moisture in them during use. When showering or bathing, moisture rises into the air and an effective exhaust fan is a necessity to remove the moisture from the room. If moisture lingers and cools in the room it can cause condensation and mold.

Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

Kitchens can have moisture buildup during cooking or when boiling a kettle which rises as steam into the room. This can settle on surfaces and walls as condensation if it cools in the room. An exhaust fan in the kitchen can prevent condensation and mold from forming

The Problem of Condensation and Mold

Damp and moldy environments can be a health hazard. Mold grows wherever there is moisture. Without proper ventilation, walls can develop black mold spores over time which can cause eye, nose and throat irritation and, occasionally, skin problems.

Some people are allergic to mold and their symptoms can be more extreme.

Controlling mold through proper ventilation can prevent these problems.

Advances in Exhaust Fans

Many designs and sizes are now available to suit everyone’s needs. Exhaust fans have traditionally been noisy, but newer models are now quieter. Also newer models can be more energy efficient than older versions.

If you need an exhaust fan replacement or a repair, we can visit you to inspect the problem and resolve it.

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